Voted BEST OF TOLEDO for 2017 & 2018! Get ready to lift, push, pull, swing, row, climb, squat, run, and more! GLASS CITY CROSSFIT classes offer high-intensity workouts with movements that change daily. Our CrossFit Certified coaches  will warm you up and get you worked out in this 60-minute action-packed group class!  Requires Foundations or prior CrossFit experience.    


This introductory class is the foundation of our CrossFit program!  No fitness experience is required. It is a beginners class, led by expert coaches, meant to teach you the foundational movements of CrossFit, while performed safely and scaled to your ability. Foundations sets you up for success transitioning into our general CrossFit and Specialty classes. Stop in or give us a call and let us help you get started! 


We offer Olympic Weightlifting, Strength Class, and CrossFit Gymnastics! The weightlifting and strength classes are led by certified coaches and focus on improving skills and strength specific to Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting. Our gymnastics class helps build the foundational and accessory strength required for CrossFit gymnastics skills. Ask about our Specialty Class Membership options!

We are home to USAW Glass City Weightlifting!


H.I.T.E., or High Intensity Training for Everyone, is a 45-minute circuit class for all levels of fitness! This is a full body workout will have movements programmed to target cardio, upper body, lower body, and core. Our coaches will keep you moving nonstop for 45 minutes! Coaches will focus on form and technique and can modify or scale the movements based on each individual’s needs. Whether you want to lose weight or gain lean muscle, this class will help you get there! Get started today and let us help you reach a new HITE in your fitness journey!



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