4.9 ★
4.9 of 5 stars
108 reviews
Erin Konecki
Erin Konecki5 star — ★★★★★4 weeks ago
Sarah Broadway
Sarah Broadway5 star — ★★★★★1 month ago
Nick Murray
Nick Murray5 star — ★★★★★1 month ago
Blasa Campos
Blasa Campos5 star — ★★★★★1 month ago
Jessica Gatt Hansen
Jessica Gatt Hansen5 star — ★★★★★2 months ago

Great facility and amazing coaches. Would definitely recommend!

Nadeen Sarsour
Nadeen Sarsour5 star — ★★★★★2 months ago

Great community and the workouts are for people of any skill level and age. The facility is very large and clean. Also the coaches are incredible, encouraging, and are always watching your form to prevent injury. Best gym in Toledo!

Eric Santure
Eric Santure5 star — ★★★★★3 months ago
Rachel Shoemaker
Rachel Shoemaker5 star — ★★★★★3 months ago
Karen Noble
Karen Noble5 star — ★★★★★3 months ago
Theresa Bertz Crawford
Theresa Bertz Crawford5 star — ★★★★★4 months ago
Taylor King-Brothers
Taylor King-Brothers5 star — ★★★★★4 months ago
Heather Alafa
Heather Alafa5 star — ★★★★★7 months ago
Emily Rose
Emily Rose5 star — ★★★★★9 months ago
Brett Howard
Brett Howard5 star — ★★★★★10 months ago
Jen Chisholm
Jen Chisholm5 star — ★★★★★10 months ago

I've dropped in the last two years during Thanksgiving & everyone at GCCF has been very welcoming! Great box & community. Thank you!! ��

Amanda Martin
Amanda Martin5 star — ★★★★★10 months ago
Daniel Junior
Daniel Junior5 star — ★★★★★10 months ago
Gabriella Marx
Gabriella Marx5 star — ★★★★★10 months ago
Payton Xavier Cozart
Payton Xavier Cozart5 star — ★★★★★10 months ago
Nick Fasciana
Nick Fasciana5 star — ★★★★★10 months ago
Heather Marie Barnett
Heather Marie Barnett5 star — ★★★★★11 months ago
Rogét Aouad
Rogét Aouad5 star — ★★★★★1 year ago
Ben Klingeman
Ben Klingeman5 star — ★★★★★1 year ago

Dropped in while I was in town for work, very clean and professional.

Jim Ragan
Jim Ragan5 star — ★★★★★1 year ago
Francisco M Alafa III
Francisco M Alafa III5 star — ★★★★★1 year ago
Veronica A. Fasciana
Veronica A. Fasciana5 star — ★★★★★1 year ago

GCCF is the best CrossFit gym in town. I do not take the professionalism of Glass City CrossFit's trainers for granted. I have visited other CrossFit gyms in Toledo area and other cities on vacation and some trainers are just chatting, watching, and do little effort to check your form at all times. At GCCF trainers are nice and very engaged. They care for our goals and safety. They observe and correct our form even in the workouts for time. They suggest modifications accoding to our skills and push us to do more when they know we are truly capable. The competition gets as big as you allow/like it. I personally compete with myself and set my own goals. I always have been active, but I am not real athletic. I enjoy exercising. My goal has always been looking good and being healthy. I feel I am the strongest I have ever been and I like how I look. There are several classes a day and open gym times for your convenience. The classes are well planned and organized. I like it so much that I go 20 minutes out of my way to attend the 6 am class 4-5 times a week (6:05 for me lol!). The trainers I see in the morning are Trevor Toney, Melissa Fernandez, Mike Morran, and Zach Crampton. I had just as good experience with the rest: Paul Castillo, Mike Nichols, and there may be a couple others I do not remember now. The...

Mark Valentin
Mark Valentin5 star — ★★★★★1 year ago

It's a great Crossfit Box, the trainer's and community are great. Wanna good workout go to Glasscitycrossfit #Swoledo

Jacki Cole
Jacki Cole5 star — ★★★★★2 years ago

Great facility and people. GCCF was a great box to visit while away from home! Thanks for having me for the week.

Molly McCabe
Molly McCabe5 star — ★★★★★2 years ago
Joey Forshey
Joey Forshey5 star — ★★★★★2 years ago

Dropped in while I was in Toledo. Did a Saturday team wod. Melissa was super helpful, everyone there was very welcoming. The facility itself was set up well and incredibly clean. It was great seeing everyone pitch in and clean up their sweat after finishing up.

Tara Yoakum Valeri
Tara Yoakum Valeri5 star — ★★★★★2 years ago
Karen Kolodzaike
Karen Kolodzaike5 star — ★★★★★2 years ago

I dropped in here for a few classes while I was visiting Toledo. What a great community! Friendly, knowledgable coaches, a great facility, and fun workouts! I was very impressed with the coaching here, having visited gyms all over. They provided good warm ups, a review of the movements in each class, and multiple scales for all levels so everyone can achieve the right stimulus for the workout. I'll definitely be back!

Todd Kregulka
Todd Kregulka5 star — ★★★★★2 years ago
Trinity Wheeler
Trinity Wheeler5 star — ★★★★★2 years ago

Fantastic, huge box and excellent coaching staff.

Leah Ann Lambros
Leah Ann Lambros5 star — ★★★★★2 years ago
Laura Weiss
Laura Weiss5 star — ★★★★★2 years ago
Whitney Allen
Whitney Allen5 star — ★★★★★2 years ago

Best gym I've ever been to! Amazing coaches, athletes, and community all around. Excellent equipment. Top notch programming. Clean and spacious!

Brent Koester
Brent Koester5 star — ★★★★★2 years ago
Hillary Anne
Hillary Anne5 star — ★★★★★2 years ago

Fantastic group of people, they were so welcoming and encouraging to me. I look forward to going back every chance I get

Mehdi Mohammed
Mehdi Mohammed4 star — ★★★★2 years ago
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