I may not get a chance to come back in one last time, so just in case I can’t I just want to thank you guys for providing by far the best CrossFit box in the area! To me you guys define exactly what CrossFit embodies. Your gym is the perfect example of how to run a box.  At one time I envisioned running one, but didn’t happen for several reasons, but your box is exactly how I envisioned it. Top to bottom the best, I was so impressed the first day I walked in. Thank all of you so much for the time, dedication, and knowledge you have all provided. I will definitely miss you guys and I will come back for a WOD every time I’m back in town. You guys will always be the box I will compare all others to.

Dan S.

I never thought that at the age of 60 I’d have more strength and mobility than I did ten years ago!  GCCF coaches are excellent. Everyone encourages you to keep going.  The workouts are challenging but everything can be modified. There’s no reason not to give a try!

Sandy M.

I dropped in here for a few classes while I was visiting Toledo. What a great community! Friendly, knowledgable coaches, a great facility, and fun workouts! I was very impressed with the coaching here, having visited gyms all over. They provided good warm ups, a review of the movements in each class, and multiple scales for all levels so everyone can achieve the right stimulus for the workout. I’ll definitely be back!

Karen Kolodzaike

The nicest, cleanest and well equipped box I’ve been too, what a set up and equipment. The group today was awesome and inviting for a drop in. I can’t wait to come back next time I’m in town! Thanks!

Frank Kohstall

The coaches at Glass City Crossfit are supportive, encouraging and they truly want the best for each one of their clients! The facility is very clean with a wide variety of equipment! I love the friendly competitive feel, but it is only as competitive as you want it to be! Whether just working out to stay in shape or preparing for a Crossfit competition, Glass City Crossfit is awesome!

Amanda Brett Herr

I’ve been at Glass City CrossFit for almost a year.  With some minor changes to my diet and working out consistently 3x a week, I’ve lost 30lbs!


Best gym I’ve ever been to! Amazing coaches, athletes, and community all around. Excellent equipment. Top notch programming. Clean and spacious!

Whitney Allen

I hate bench press. I hate front squats. I REALLY hate GHD sit-ups. But I do them. Or, at least I TRY to do them. I was always an athlete. I was captain of my soccer team, and was the FIRST girl picked for gym class dodgeball. I grew up with only brothers, and was generally one of the best female athletes in my class. And then, I got older, had kids, and started CrossFit. And, I am clearly NOT the best. I cannot do a pull-up unassisted, slap my shins when I do my double unders, and my max bench is most people’s warm-up. But I wake up each weekday and look at the workout to see what I will accomplish today. Through Glass City CrossFit, I have been humbled. But, it is much more than fitness to me. This mom of 3 (almost 4) is teaching her daughters that it is important to set goals. I am able to show my girls the importance of being strong both physically and mentally when we talk about “Mommy’s workout” over dinner. I want them to never give up. They will learn that quitting is unacceptable, but sometimes it is ok to finish last, as long as you finish. I hate wall balls. I am a slow rower. I hate tabata anything. But I will be there. And I will keep working until I am the BEST. And, I have a long way to go.

Jen H.

Glass City CrossFit is the best! I’ve lost about 10lbs and really toned my muscles. I was looking for something that would kick my workouts in to high gear and this is definitely the place!


I started here in the summer for a couple months before my wedding to get into shape and it made a serious difference. The coaches did an excellent job instructing me on the movements and scaling the workouts for me so I wouldn’t feel overwhelmed. Crossfit and especially this gym are unlike any other gym. After the wedding my wife and I tried going to a normal gym. 2 days there and I cancelled my membership and came back to Glass City CrossFit. Everyone talks, is supportive and the head to head competition just makes the workouts better. I would highly recommend this place.

Adam Strpko

I love everything about this place! The amazing and knowledgeable trainers, the challenging workouts, and the friendly and supportive members as well!! If you were thinking about joining a fitness center, you should definitely come check this place out. I’m hooked!

Amanda Modrowski

I have a long one for you, but literally I’d be a blubbering mess sitting and talking to you, so I just thought I’d drop you a message.
Thanks for giving me some direction this evening and helping to keep me included tonight. Between my elbow being slightly jacked up and processing what is going on with my dad, I’m feeling slightly overwhelmed. The last thing that I want “taken away” is my workout. I really and truly realize how much of a blessing is that I “get” to work out. Let alone, I’m privileged to work out in the best facility with the best people on the planet.
When  I step in the box, all the sadness melts away. It’s nice to be able to have the escape and to still be able to laugh and get my butt kicked in the midst of the storm. Between Imed….just being him, listening to Zach give everybody crap and Sara being…Sara it’s hard to focus on all that is wrong.
I knew CrossFit would change my body, but this place is truly changing my life. For that, you’ll never know how much of a blessing you all at Glass City CrossFit have been.
One of my favorite Bible verses is Jude 22. It goes, And of some have compassion, making a difference. To me, our GCCF family encompasses this verse.
Thanks for all that you have done, what you are doing and what you will do in the future.

Chassity G.

GCCF is the best CrossFit gym in town. I do not take the professionalism of Glass City CrossFit’s trainers for granted. I have visited other CrossFit gyms in Toledo area and other cities on vacation and some trainers are just chatting, watching, and do little effort to check your form at all times. At GCCF trainers are nice and very engaged. They care for our goals and safety. They observe and correct our form even in the workouts for time. They suggest modifications according to our skills and push us to do more when they know we are truly capable. The competition gets as big as you allow/like it. I personally compete with myself and set my own goals. I always have been active, but I am not real athletic. I enjoy exercising. My goal has always been looking good and being healthy. I feel I am the strongest I have ever been and I like how I look. There are several classes a day and open gym times for your convenience. The classes are well planned and organized. I like it so much that I go 20 minutes out of my way to attend the 6 am class 4­5 times a week (6:05 for me lol!). The trainers I see in the morning are Trevor Toney, Melissa Fernandez, Mike Morran, and Zach Crampton. I had just as good experience with the rest: Paul Castillo, Mike Nichols, and there may be a couple others I do not remember now. The other important thing on which GCCF excels is in the facilities and equipment. GGCF offers big open space, which allows you to have a safe workout; and plenty of equipment in excellent condition. Everything is always super clean and we keep it like that. This is the culture of a good gym.

Veronica A. Fasciana

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