WOD Tuesday, October 8th
This week is week one of the 2020 October OPEN! If you would like to register online for the CrossFit Games Open to track your progress amongst the world use the link below. We will be hosting "Friday Night Lights" for the 5 weeks of the Open – every Friday from 4-8pm.
We will NOT be running CF classes during that time. Anyone is welcome to come do the Open workout during FNL, you do not have to be registered for the Open. Heats will be available to sign up for the day of the event.
We encourage everyone to come check it out! We will start heats at 4pm and run them accordingly to 8pm.
ALL ARE WELCOME – Please reach out to invite your friends and family to come and enjoy watching or (if experienced) participate in FNL – this is a free event.

Link Below 🙂

*FitLab – will still run Friday at 4:30pm

*Strength Class schedule during the Open – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday @ 6pm. Squat – Tu, Bench – Wed, Deadlift – Th

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
400m Row*
15 Up-Downs
10 Strict Pull-ups

*Row increases 50m every round (400, 450, 500…). Reset the rower before the start of each round.

Cool Down
3:00 Lat Rolling
3:00 Banded Distraction
3:00 Pec Smash with Ball or Bell

*Each exercise is 1:30 on one side and 1:30 on opposite.

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